BBE is currently owned and operated by Brenda Brown and John Mates. Combined, the two owners have years of both industry and business experience that forms the basis of BBE.

  • Brenda Brown

    Personal Management and Social Marketing

    This is Brenda Brown Entertainment. A unique, professional, one stop, full service entertainment company specializing in working closely with independent artists, authors, their management or label company (if any) on many of the critical aspects required in taking one’s care.  Many of BBE’s clients refer to Brenda as Queen B, the Queen of Social Marketing and Promotion. Brenda is one of those unique individuals that lights up a room the moment she enters and almost every professional she comes in contact with wants to associate with her outgoing personality and BBE. With that ability Brenda has surrounded herself with some of the best professionals and names in the industry as well as an endless list of many friends and associates that she can call on anytime for immediate assistance and guidance. She has been in the music industry for over 20 years, as well as worked in outside sales from owning 5 car dealerships in California to a Mortgage company in Las Vegas. She has personally managed several artists, is on a consulting retainer with many others and is always giving her vast array of marketing savvy and ideas to those that are serious about going to the next level. Brenda works tirelessly practically round the clock, lives to be of service to others and treats everyone like they are her only client. Brenda uses this philosophy in her personal life as well. Brenda currently serves on the Board Of Directors for GWEN (Global Womens Empowerment Network) their tag line is “We Can’t Do GWEN without the Men”. She has served on many other boards as well. Brenda has been of service since she was a very young girl, something she learned from her Grandpa Jack. Our mission statement is quite simple: Do the Right Thing All the Time, and to Be of Service to Each and Every Client. These are our creeds to which BBE is based around and is widely known for today in the industry.

    At the core of the business is our relationship with Apple for both iTunes and iBooks for worldwide digital distribution of both music and book content. BBE also has an indie record label called Pure Heart Records for physical distribution of music sales through websites and retailers. BBE believes in returning to our clients the lion share of all royalties earned on a timely and professional basis for they deserve a decent return for their hard work and dedication to their craft.

  • John Mates

    Business Operations, Management Services and Guidance

    John represents the other side of BBE. Although very creative, John generally specializes in providing most aspects of Business management services, fulfills all accounting and reporting each month to every client and brings a great balance to BBE in shaping and molding creative and marketing ideas and plans into financial reality for many of BBE’s clients. John’s biggest asset that he offers his clients is a straight forward, no nonsense evaluation of where a client is and where they want to go. John likes to think of his work as providing a “road map” for success for each client and their particular needs. Business savvy and planning is at the core of most artists’ success. The industry is known for less than scrupulous individuals and companies and John is constantly advising others on what to look out for. John is known for preparing in depth Investor’s Prospectus for raising monies and providing his clients with sound, practical business advice and guidance. John has a stellar history of being a visionary in starting and building successful businesses, and prides himself on surrounding himself with others who he can trust and whose advice is continually warranted.