Why BBE is exclusive ONLY to iTunes?

Approximately 80% or more of ALL Digital Sales Worldwide are through iTunes. There are at least 60 other content providers that can be utilized either directly or through Aggregators such as CD Baby, Tunecore or Reverbnation. BBE IS FOCUSED SOLELY ON PROVIDING THE BEST SERVICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ITUNES ONLY FOR MOST OF YOUR SALES. BBE does NOT restrict any Artist/Content Owner from utilizing any provider or Aggregator.

BBE can assist or guide you in utilizing many of these other providers.

What you need to consider when choosing an iTunes Content Provider…

  1. How long does the Content Provider take to get your content “Live” on iTunes and ready for sales? (Estimated number of: Days, Weeks, Months)?
    BBE Answer: Generally, content is “Live” on iTunes the same or next day after BBE receives all content and art work.
  2. Is your content uploaded for automatic worldwide distribution in iTunes stores? If so, are there any hidden charges or other fees that you are not aware of in getting your content for sale worldwide?
    BBE Answer: Every upload to iTunes automatically is available for sale worldwide and is part of our onetime fee.
  3. If you have liner notes or a digital booklet, does the Provider upload either/both? If so, do they charge extra to do this? If so, what do you have to provide to the Content Provider in order for them to upload into iTunes?
    BBE Answer: Yes. Included in our onetime fee is uploading of any liner notes and/or digital booklet.
  4. Once “Live”, can you call your Content Provider directly and get immediate reply to your questions or inquiry?
    BBE Answer: Yes, call us anytime with your questions or inquiries and if we don’t answer, we usually will get to you the same day or next day.
  5. Once “Live”, how long does it typically take to get your first accounting report on Sales made?
    BBE Answer: You can request accounting of all sales anytime and we can provide you an immediate up-to-date report up to the previous day.
  6. If you decide to take your content down from iTunes, how long does it take? What is the process to get this done?
    BBE Answer: We can take your content down from iTunes immediately.
  7. Can you inquire about your sales to see your current sales status? If so, how long will it take to get a report? If so, does your inquiry have to be via email or can you call someone and talk to a real person with the request for a sales report or inquiry?
    BBE Answer: Yes. We can get you a sales report anytime. You can call us, or email us the request.
  8. Does your Content Provider supply you all required UPC and ISRC codes, or do you have to acquire them elsewhere? If they do supply all required codes, do they charge you extra per code?
    BBE Answer: Yes. We can supply any required UPC codes or ISRC codes as required. Depending on what is needed we charge a very nominal fee, if any.
  9. Does your Content Provider supply you with an official “Download on iTunes” digital button, which takes someone right to your iTunes actual page, for placement on your website and social marketing sites?
    BBE Answer: Yes. Included in BBE’s onetime fee, all clients immediately receive an official digital “Download on iTunes” button for immediate placement on all websites and other social marketing platforms.
  10. Can the Content Provider start with a single or EP and then add to it at a later time more content to complete your album project or do they consider any additions a new order? If they can add to an existing upload, how much does the Content Provider charge to do this?
    BBE Answer: Yes. For BBE’s onetime fee, you can start with a single or EP and add to it later for no additional charges. BBE does NOT consider this a new order.
  11. What is the frequency (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual, or Annual) that you can expect to be paid by the Content Provider for any Royalties earned?
    BBE Answer: BBE pays royalties each month for the previous month’s sales.
  12. How long after going “Live” will it take to see your first Royalty check?
    BBE Answer: Royalties are distributed to BBE on or around the 20th of each month for the previous month’s sales. Once received by BBE, we generally prepare a detail report to send you and issues Royalty checks on or around the 1st of each month, after we receive payment from iTunes.
  13. If you are a manager or indie label that has the digital rights to the Artist’s content, can the Content Provider put your name on the iTunes page as a “P” Line?
    BBE Answer: Yes. We can put your company’s name on the actual iTunes page as a “P” line.