General Information & Descriptions of Services

Because we fully understand that in considering whom you may want to make part of your “Team” to help grow your career, initially you may not want to enter into any monthly or yearly contract which obligates you financially to a company which you have no experience working with. All of our Service Programs are initially priced and offered to you on a Month-to-Month basis only. Our reasoning for doing this is simple. Once we begin working with you and prove to you that we stand behind all we say we will do for you and by keeping our fees most reasonable for what we provide, we hope to build your trust which in time may lead to you adding more services as needed. Additionally, this gives you the freedom to work with us without the concern that a contract would hinder any other pursuits that you may have with another entity or label.

Over the years BBE has developed into a full services company offering a variety of key items that many serious Artists need in order to have a chance at success. BBE is known in the Industry today for offering a variety of great services which are all centered around having your music for sale worldwide on iTunes. In addition to being a premier iTunes® Digital sales specialist, BBE offers the best in Massive Social Marketing Campaigns, Promotion, Marketing, Branding, Industry Acumen, Connections to TV/Movie Music Licensing, Sponsorships as well as building Professional Business and Investor plans tailored to mapping out your goals financially. We also have an Indie Record Label, Pure Heart Records, where some of our clients place their music to support their physical CD sales and for registration purposes.

Much of your growth and success will take time, a lot of dedication on your end as well as having the right professionals “having your back 24/7” and guiding you along the way. BBE can be an answer to many of your immediate and future needs.

Most of our Services are affordable as compared to other service providers, many of whom we see overcharging their clients who may not know better. We pride ourselves on being fair and honest with our charges. By having your music on iTunes® (where the majority of your music sales will come from) if we can help you succeed thru our varied services and expertise, then your digital music sales should increase which translates to additional revenues for us as well thru our share of Royalties from iTunes.

Some of Our Key Services which we Offer to our Clients Include, but are not limited to

  • iTunes® Content Placement for Worldwide Sales-Content live usually in 24 hours. (We are Enterprise Partners with Apple and have the same relationship that the large labels have)
  • iTunes® Front Page Submittal
  • Worldwide Promo and Social Marketing Blasts to a REAL reach into the Millions thru over 60 online, streaming, media and press release sites
  • Submittal of Music to most major Streaming online sites including Pandora, iHeart Radio, Last FM, Myxer and many more
  • Social Marketing Site Development and Admin Assistance and Guidance-Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace and more
  • Professional Copy Writing and Editing for Press Releases, Website and elsewhere where needed
  • Fundraising Campaign Development thru Kickstarter, Indiegogo or direct to your Website
  • Album and other Artwork assistance
  • Website Design and Layout (Framework by others) and continual Admin Assistance to keep site current
  • EPK (Electronic Press Kit) development and maintenance
  • Email Campaigns to Fan Base and “Family/Friends” Email List Creation
  • One Year General and Multi Year Detailed Business Plans-“Financial Road Mapping”
  • Investor Prospectus Plans for raising monies through outside investment
  • Retail (Physical) CD Sales through our Label, Pure Heart Records.

****FYI #1: We are very flexible in terms of whom we work with and this includes any Management team that may be in place who need just some of our services.

****FYI #2: We only work directly with iTunes® for digital sales, so if you already have content on iTunes through aggregators such as CD Baby, Tunecore, Reverbnation, etc, and would like to work with us, no problem. It’s simple to direct your aggregator to remove just iTunes while keeping full access to all the other digital sites. We don’t restrict you at all and actually encourage you to do this. Call us and we can tell you how to do this…VERY EASY****

Interested to Learn More? Call us anytime. We usually are available immediately, and if not, we will return your call or email right away.