Jimmy White Gives Thanks “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”

There are so many things that I’m thankful for on a daily basis but in light of the recent storms that hit the part of New Jersey that I live in, I’m most thankful for people that put themselves before others.  The area all around me has been so devastated and so many people have lost everything and yet, there are people that have been coming in from all over the nation to offer their services to help others rebuild. Those people have left their homes, families and jobs to lend a hand to complete strangers who have, in some cases, lost everything.  I thank God today for these incredibly kind and giving human beings. They display the kind of love and generosity that makes life worth living.”


     This spirit of giving of oneself to help others was best exemplified by the life that my good friend Robert “Bobby” Bonilla lead.  He was truly a spiritual person, kind and gentle, never judgmental of others, yet strongly moral in a very understated way, a quiet way that nonetheless shined through brightly by example. There are not many people I have ever known that I can say the following about, but I can say it about Bobby: I am a better person because I knew him. He made me a better person, purely through love and by example, the picture of a true Christian man.  He loved my song, “No Goodbyes” and I offer it here to you for your enjoyment.

Here is the link to the track:  http://soundcloud.com/828-records/no-goodbyes-bobbys-song

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