Global Women’s Empowerment Network Raises Funds & Honors GWEN Luminaries

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:                              Brenda Brown, Managing Partner, Board Member @ GWEN November 6, 2018         702-882-0502 / E-Mail  Global Women’s Empowerment Network Raises Funds & Honors GWEN  Luminaries   The Global Women’s Empowerment Network’s (GWEN) Luminary Awards Ceremony & Fundraising Red Carpet Event, Sunday, November 11 at Leica Gallery in West Hollywood, CA, will deliver a message of gratitude and giving. 8783 Beverly Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90048.   The fundraiser, featuring live and silent auctions of luxury items and unique experiences, will fund workshops, online…
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BY REDEDICATING HER SONG “THE AUCTION” Hi Everybody! I’m hoping that you’re enjoying the warm days of summer, maybe having extra time to relax, be outdoors, and have special fun times with your family and friends. We were blessed to have part of our family come for a visit during the 4th of July Week; we had so much fun catching up, and of course, eating delicious summer food! I love all the things that summer brings, thanking God for lots of sunshine, longer days, more time to spend with family and friends, for outdoor events, beautiful flowers, and delicious, farm-fresh…
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“Homeless To The White House” by Tess Cacciatore Available NOW!

“Homeless to the White House” encourages ongoing empowerment movement Studio City, CA – June 20, 2018 – Des Moines, Iowa native Tess Cacciatore earned Amazon “Best Seller” status on day one when releasing her memoir, “Homeless to the White House,” and kicking-off a multi-market book tour from her home town yesterday (June 19). “Homeless to the White House” – is a riveting tale of the author’s travels through six continents, searching for the meaning of life. Her saga begins in the heart of the Congo with a gun pointed at her head. It closes on the peaceful shores at the…
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“Robin Rudisill” for City Council

  “I’m running for Los Angeles City Council District 11 because I possess a unique mix of private sector accomplishment and public service passion. Career politicians have proven unable or unwilling to solve the issues of homelessness, irresponsible development, traffic, and the basic delivery of services you expect as a resident. My campaign is grassroots and community conscious. Please join me in this movement to put Los Angeles back on the right track by demanding that integrity and ethics be integral to the political process.” For the love of Los Angeles, Mother, Businesswoman, Community and Coastal Advocate Why Vote for…
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“Lizzie Goes To Washington”

                                               THE INSIDER   CAT BALLOU This summer has been a dream come true! I’m proud to have been part of the cast of  THE BALLAD OF CAT BALLOU. I played 3 different roles: the “holy roller” Sister Sharon, the sultry Chester, and the home-town girl turned teacher turned outlaw, Cat Ballou. The best part was playing alongside incredible actors and friends at one of my favorite places on Earth, The Jackson Hole Playhouse. BULLY PREVENTION  Since then, my bully prevention foundation, NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR…
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Presidential Election Process Leaves Country Out of Oxygen

Tess Cacciatore Explains Why Everyone Needs to Vote In Her New Book, “Homeless to the White House” Cacciatore Will Be Releasing an Excerpt of Her Trilogy “Homeless to the White House” you can Read The First Chapter During Her Interview On the Life Changes Network on October 24th. She will Discuss the Parallels to the Congolese Election Coming up in December and the Importance of Voting. Tess Cacciatore, Author, Social Entrepreneur will appear on a variety of radio shows beginning with The Life Changes Network hosted by Filippo Voltaggio on October 24th, 2016 to discuss the importance of keeping centered in…
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17 Ways to Kill a Music Career

The following is found here: Monday, June 9, 2014 by Paul Resnikoff Just some of the things I learned by reading The Music Industry Self Help Guide, just released by Mike Repel (buy the book here).  If you’re doing any of these things, stop it right now. (1) Having a shitty, entitled attitude. If you’re showing up late for gigs, not rehearsing, not supporting your scene, being a dick to your bandmates, and not working slavishly to cultivate your audience online and off, you’re doing a great job of killing your potential career.  Now more than ever, the future…
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Brenda Brown loses daughter Shawna

Courtesy of Donna Wilson April 9, 2016 Brenda Brown loses daughter Shawna suddenly today in California. Brenda Brown of Brenda Brown Entertainment is mourning the loss of her first born child, her daughter Shawna who suddenly passed away on April 8, 2016.   Brenda Brown who is the owner of Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada which is an artist management company has faced her share of loss lately.  Her client Gig Michaels of the band Swamp da Wamp passed away suddenly on January 3, 2016 and Brenda was still grieving from that loss. We are attaching Gig…
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Happy Spring!

The earth laughs in flowers. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Happy Spring ! xoxo,  Lizzie


EMERGING STAR, LIZZIE SIDER, RELEASES NEW SONGS OF STRENGTH AND EMBRACING LIFE By American Banking And Market News – December 15, 2015 With two Top 40 hits under her belt, the 17 year- old singer, songwriter and national anti-bullying role model reaches deep into her experiences to create “Symphony”, a passionate collection that will resonate with all audiences. BOCA RATON, FL (December 15, 2015) – Tis’ the season…to bring families together, for thanks and to get ready for a New Year and new you! What better way to celebrate than with music that is empowering, edgy and full of energy…
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