Join NCDPI School Counseling Consultant Cynthia Floyd and Lizzie Sider



Looking forward to talking about bully prevention and the expansion of my Free Bully Prevention Video Package with NCDPI School Counseling Consultant, Cynthia Floyd, during our Dec 14 Bully Prevention Webinar! To register for this webinar, go to

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NCDPI School Counseling
Bullying Prevention Webinar with Lizzie Sider
December 14th, 2016, 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Cynthia Floyd
Cynthia Floyd

Join NCDPI School Counseling Consultant Cynthia Floyd in a webinar interview with Nashville recording artist, Lizzie Sider, as we discuss her national anti-bullying campaign and free resources for schools. Lizzie Sider is an 18-year-old Nashville Music Country Chart Top 40 recording artist, but as a child, she was bullied. She is currently using her success as a recording artist to act as a role model and reach out to children in an effort to stop bullying and help other children cope with bullying. Through her National Anti-Bully Campaign and 501c3 non-profit organization, she has visited hundreds of schools and created free bullying prevention resources.

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For more information about Lizzie Sider and her Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day Anti-Bullying Campaign and resources, go to

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