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Nashville, Tennessee

June 29, 2015

Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC joins forces with the new southern rock sensation, “Swamp da Wamp,’ to manage the bands business affairs during their rise to the top.  Both Brenda Brown Entertainment and Swamp da Wamp are very excited about this union and look forward to a successful and creative journey together.   

Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC was started several years ago by Brenda Brown and John Mates.  Between the two of them, they have over 20 years experience combined and bring the best in professional and business management for the emerging artist.   

This is what Gig Michaels, the lead singer and band leader of ‘Swamp da Wamp’ has to say about Brenda Brown Entertainment:    “One of the hardest things to acquire in this business is a management company that truly believes in you and your talent. I have experienced firsthand the fact that this industry is full of people who talk all the right language but deliver no results in the end.  It seems like I’ve searched my entire career for a solid management company. Finally, a friend of mine in Nashville introduced me to a longtime friend, Brenda Brown at Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC.  After only 5 minutes on the phone with Brenda, I was like okay let’s try this.  Brenda is no nonsense straight to the point straight shooter who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear.  That’s priceless in the music world.  She’s a very savvy, honest, diligent workaholic, ball of fun and very well connected.  Most of all, she genuinely believes in me and my music. Brenda brought in her partner John Mates to team up for the release of my new album coming out in July. John is simply a genius when it comes to marketing and finances and a hell of a nice guy.  Together this record is going to burn up the charts! I would highly recommend BBE to any Artist who is seeking dependable result driven management, but I won’t because I want them all to myself! LOL! Gig Michaels/Swamp da Wamp”

The sky’s the limit for Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC and ‘Swamp da Wamp’ as they embark on this new journey together with the first step being the release of the bands single, “My Drinking Song”

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