Swig To Gig

“I’m smitten with whiskey…”
Gig Michaels, “My Drinking Song” #teamgig
Donate to the Five Hands GoFundMe drive… https://www.gofundme.com/vjm59p58… and you may end up owning something very, very cool.
That “something” is one of the shot glasses used in the “My Drinking Song” video! They belonged to Gig himself…and saw a lot of love around his kitchen table, during football games, and at get-togethers. Gig and many of the band members did shots with them on his famous back porch. You can also see those same shot glasses in the video.
Gig gave some of those glasses to Rich Basco (Swamp da Wamp’s bass player extraordinaire) after the video was wrapped. Rich fully supports the GoFundMe drive and wants to help raise monies for the legal fees desperately needed by Gig’s estate and Swamp’s tour manager.
Make a donation ($5.00, $10.00, $25.00 or more – all are appreciated) and leave a story about Gig. Or, a toast as if Gig was standing next to you at a bar. Tell us about your favorite Swamp da Wamp song. Something as simple as, “I love and miss you, Gig!” is great too.
We’re not looking for wordsmiths here. You will not be “graded” on punctuation, capitalization or any of that stuff. Funny, heartfelt, ridiculous – as long as it’s positive – we want to read it.
Rich and Lori, Gig’s sister, will select the words that “speak” to them the most after the funding goal is reached.
Lori will also put everyone’s name in a hat – HIS HAT – and draw one at random.
You don’t have to use your name to donate; you may leave the story/comments anonymously. We will still be able to contact you via email.
If you’ve already donated and want to share your story please email it back to me or message it to me on Facebook; I will make sure it is read by Rich and Lori.
Please note: only the memories/donations shared on the Five Hands GoFundMe page will be considered for a shot glass.
After you’ve left your donation and story please stop back by the GoFundMe page and read other people’s stories about Gig; I bet some will be VERY entertaining…
Thank you,
Cyndi Klock-Welch